holi(C) Refining Face Vitamins

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  • holi(C) Refining Face Vitamins
  • holi(C) Refining Face Vitamins
  • holi(C) Refining Face Vitamins
  • holi(C) Refining Face Vitamins

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Don't let the small vial of white powder throw you, this is not an illicit substance. However, this vitamin C powder is so effective that you might starting thinking that is has to be illegal.

Made of the highest quality, European-sourced, non-GMO organic Calcium Ketogluconate and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, this unique yet simple formula boasts the ability to tighten pores, even out the complexion, heal acne and scarring, and minimize fine lines without irritating the skin. On top of all of that, it simply makes your skin glow like no other.

How to Use: Mix a little spoonful of powder with a couple tiny drops of water in the palm of your hand and add a face serum, moisturizer or sunscreen of choice. Mix together and apply to clean, dry skin morning and night.

India's Note: Lately I've been using what I like to call the "Holy Trinity" of IRC skincare faves. Morning and night, I mix my holi(c) with an eyedropper of Kypris Antioxidant Dew and four or five drops of Vintner's Daughter. Trust me, this is the ultimate combo. My blemish-prone, sensitive skin is loooving it. My pores are tighter, my complexion is more even and I'm an overall better person because of it.


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