Pure Botanical Oils Gel

Joelle Ciocco


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India's note: this is an ultra-luxe face oil that is rich in nutrients to help protect your skin's microbiome with anti-bacterial clove extract and rich omega fatty acids. One drop is all you need to derive benefit from this nutrient-rich product. 

"Pollution and cosmetics disturb your cutaneous flora causing allergies and inflammations. Daily your skin feels uncomfortable (redness, itching and dry feeling).

I formulated Pure Botanical Oils Gel to help your skin membrane: the quintessence of a regenerating action serum that fuses instantly with your face to provide a protective, nourishing, moisturizing and anti-ageing process.

This handmade jewel is produced in small quantities its essence isn’t altered: essential oil of clove that regulates the proliferation of bad bacteria on your face and protects it.

The rich omegas content of the avocado and passion fruit seed oils combined with this formula deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin to give its elasticity.

The dehydration process is slowing down for direct action on natural anti-ageing.

A single drop of this nectar is enough to fill, repair and protect your skin while offering a unique sensory experience: a velvet touch and a rare comfort."

Black cumin oil:
to fight against ambient pollutants strengthening your skin defences
Avocado oil:
rich in vitamins to facilitate skin’s hydration
Apricot kernel and passion fruit seed oils:
rich in fatty acids to repair even the most sensitive skin and facilitate its elasticity
Clove essential oil:
to preserve cutaneous biodiversity
Organic silicon:
to revitalize and tonify
Vitamins A and E:
as nourishing anti-oxidants


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