Anti-Cellulite Body Brush (Medium)

Dr. Barbara Stürm


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Orange-peel skin is an issue for many women. Ideally, one addresses these unsightly dents with a holistic therapy, including exercise, diet and targeted activation of tissue metabolism through manual therapies.
Fat depots in the female body in areas such as the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks are commonly affected by cellulite. In these areas, the transportation of tissue fluid and lymph is hindered by fat cells and therefore causes dents. 

Brush massage treatment is an effective way to treat cellulite at home. This treatment promotes blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissue and thus enables the removal of waste products.
The anti-cellulite brush is covered only with natural bristles. It can be used both for dry massage and in the shower.

Massaging dry skin has a more intense effect, while used in conjunction with water, the treatment is gentler for the skin. Both massages are effective to get your metabolism in the tissue going. When used regularly, it has a firming and preventive effect, thus preventing the formation of cellulite.


India's Note: I love dry brushing. If you've never dry brushed before, I would start by setting a timer for a minute and working your way up to five minutes. If you do this consistently, you really do see a difference. 

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